Maruti Suzuki Baleno Boot Space

Indian Maruti Suzuki Baleno Hatchback 2015-16 model comes with 355 litres boot space, isn’t it great! It is an admirable feature which many car owners want in their car. This upcoming model of Suzuki Car, become well known as Maruti Baleno and in this car, special care has been taken for boot space. 355 litres wide boot space will let you bring long or wide items with you, in short no more luggage trouble for long journey. Bring your luggage with ease, let its wide boot space store it with safety, you just need to enjoy drive with your friends or family.


Who own the car knows what boot space is and its importance in car. But in India, there are many consumers who are planning for their first car and they might not know about the boot space. Not an issue, here we will inform them, what boot space is and why it needs in car.

Maruti Suzuki Show More Boot Space

Car Boot, let’s go very straight and simple. Car boot means luggage storage space in car which you can use to store your luggage. If you are separate couple only two person, wife and husband, you can manage with short boot space, but what about family with kids and grand mother-father, sister, etc. In such case, you need wide boot space in car to store bags and other luggage. One more strange thing, car’s boot space is measured in litres.

That’s not all. You can expand this space by folding down rear seatbacks. Also you can slide the front seat forward and free some space at the back of the boot.


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