Maruti Suzuki Baleno Cruise Control

Technology is everywhere and day by day new technologies are coming in different industry to serve people even better way. You can see wondering Technologies in LED TVs, in Smartphone, in Air conditioner, in Cars, etc. That is a great development sign. Japan, USA, UK, Germany, China, and many other European countries are doing great job to develop new technologies.


If we talk about cars, we can see some best examples of technologies to make driving much easier and safe too. Cruise Control is one of the best features which you found in modern luxurious cars. Some technologies come very late in India, but must come and when it comes in India it become so popular because India is big population wise and trend of new cars are increasing day by day in youth and in well-set people.

Maruti Suzuki Baleno Cruise Control Easy


Change the gear frequently, press the break often, press the accelerator pedal continuously, all these things make car driving little bit annoying on Indian roads, but not anymore. It’s time to smart driving with smart car. The India’s most awaited compact Maruti Suzuki Baleno YRA car comes with adaptive cruise control system to take your driving experience to the new level of comfort. In developed countries, major car drivers use this handy system and now Maruti Baleno brings the future of Adaptive Cruise Control system on Indian roads.

What is cruise control system and how it works, many people have this question. Normal cruise control (speed control, auto cruise) system let you fix some speed of your vehicle and then you just need to control the steering. On open highway road this feature helps a lot. Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) which you will find in Maruti Baleno Car 2015-16 model will let you fix the speed as a common feature and beyond it, this advance system automatically accelerate or decelerate the car to maintain a long, medium, or short distance from any vehicle directly in front, you just need to set the speed once. It means, not only on highway, even in traffic (when you following other vehicle), you can get driving ease. This system works with millimeter wave radar in order to monitor following distance. Resume will take the car on set speed limit again!


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