Maruti Suzuki Baleno CSD Price

Have you ever heard about CSD price for cars? It’s all about here for upcoming all new 2015-2016 Maruti Baleno’s CSD price and some general information about CSD prices and lists. CSD stands for Canteen Store Department, which is controlled by ministry of defence in India to provide some items at cheaper price to NCC units, CDA workers, Para-military forces, Armed Forces Staff, and Ordnance employees. That’s a great reward by nation to these workers and it should be, after all they give nation a lot by their loyal services.   

     Maruti Suzuki Baleno CSD Price Different  from Market Price

Canteen Store Department offers many items like TVs, Air conditioner, Bikes, Cars, cosmetic items, grocery and many more at cheaper price in compare of market price. The Maruti Suzuki Hatchback Baleno Car will be sold solely through Nexa, company’s premium dealership at the time of launch in India. So far, mostly cars of Maruti are available in CSD outlets, but for this new Baleno YRA model, you have to wait for few days for its CSD Price to save some thousands.

CSD Price different states of India

We expect it will be available soon through CSD canteens in different states of India. At every CSD store, pricy may vary as per rules of tax and VAT, and many other things which affect it. In nuts and shell, on costly things there is a chance to save some thousands rupees by purchasing from canteen store. On small items, there is no big difference in normal market rate and CSD price list. Stay up to date here, to know when new Maruti Baleno will avail through Canteen Store Department and its prices. Get recent updates and news for Suzuki’s new venture in India!


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