Maruti Suzuki Baleno Ground Clearance

Maruti Suzuki, way of life, is cleaver car manufacturer with skilled resources and that’s why so far in India it had provided best Maruti cars like Maruti 800,Omni, Alto, Zen, Swift, Ertiga, Eeco, etc. And now it brings compact hatchback style new Baleno iK-2 YRA 2015-16 model with advanced features and eye-catching look. From price to small details of car, this company do care; indirectly it cares for its potential customers and as a result, today in India there are plenty of car lovers support its cars whether it is used or new launched.


Let’s talk about Maruti Suzuki Baleno Car’s ground clearance. This new Avtar of Maruti Car will come with 165mm ground clearance; it means it can deal with any Indian road conditions. It is more than minimum need. For some novice readers, or who are going to buy their first car has no exact idea what is Ground Clearance. We will explain them in very simple words.

Maruti Suzuki Baleno higher Ground Clearance

Vehicle ground clearance, it means distance between road and car’s bottom surface. When it comes to Cars ground surface, there are two types of cars available, one with lower ground clearance and other with higher ground clearance. Some very modern cars come with adjustable ground clearance features to adjust height of car as per road’s condition. But such cars are costly; they are like Audi, BMW, Ferrari, etc. If you want to see example of lower ground clearance car, then take a look at Ferrari, and want to see higher one, then take a look at Hummer.

In India, every road is different. National Highway are limited, the rest village roads or inner roads are little bit tough, while some are hassle packed with up and low roads. To deal with such roads, a car must have high ground clearance, at least minimum, otherwise it will stuck and chances of damage. No need to worry about new Baleno Suzuki Car as it has sufficient ground clearance to go with ease on any Indian road.


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