Maruti Suzuki Baleno Top speed

One smart car is coming soon into the most anticipated small family cars in India. It’s Maruti Suzuki Baleno YRA, a compact hatchback 2015-16 model, one of the most awaiting cars in India. By time to time, Maruti Suzuki has been offering new cars models in India because it knows the Indian car lovers very well and their car taste too. This time it brings premium compact car for small family with stunning look and maximum performance to last very long on the way of life!


Like many others, you may have question, what is the acceleration and top speed of Maruti Suzuki Baleno Car. First thing first, we believe in safe car driving as everyone’s life is precious, the second thing, never compare or compete anyone on the road, it is dangerous for you and your family, and the third thing, we are not purchasing any racer car, or sports car, so keep down your speed expectations. Movies are different and real life is, so always drive safe with average speed.

Maruti Suzuki Baleno Highest speed

Speed matters! After all we are going to buy a car, not a bullock cart. On open highway, one can drive with good speed because road stays almost open, wide roads, and people drive lane wise as per their desire speed, in such case, you need good speed. In the city, average speed is best as per traffic situation. Always go to that speed only on which you can control you car. The new Baleno Maruti Car of India comes with two engine options.

  • 2 litre K-Series Petrol will let you accelerate 0 to 100kmph from in less than 13 seconds and maximum speed around 150kmph
  • 3-litre MJD Diesel will let you accelerate 0 to 100kmph from around 14 to 15 seconds and maximum speed around 150 to 160 kmph
  • 0-liter turbocharged Boosterjet engine is avail in foreign countries, and chances to come in India soon to deliver more speed

Enjoy your car with safe speed by using adaptive cruise control system and this car comes with five-speed manual and CVT automatic gearbox.


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